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Web Design

Web design encompasses many disciplines, to be a competent Web Designer you need more than just a creative eye. All our designs follow strict grid rules so even if we just create a simple site with text only, it will still look pleasing to the eye. You may have visited sites where there hasn’t been much imagery and mostly using typography to shape the style and feel of the site, this creates the base of our designs, a crisp grid layout with the correct text and sizes.

What other techniques are there in Web Design you may ask? There have been some very big movement lately with UI & UX design, what do these keywords mean? Having a pretty site is one thing, if it’s pretty and not functional then that’s a big no no for your users which is where UX and UI come into play. UI (User Interface) dictates how the look is, where buttons, forms, adverts and any other elements are placed, whilst UX (User Experience) is where we look into how the user will interact with your site and how everything will feel natural for your users.

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Web Development

Our Web Developement team are very experienced in different web languages (PHP, HTML5, CSS3 etc) therefore no project is too small or too big, we’d love to hear from you and your creative input for a website that will spice up the web! Web Development is complex and time consuming however with our expertise we can help you quickly create the perfect website you’ve been dreaming of!

So what type of sites can we do? We have most experience in E-Commerce sites and we continue to help our clients create a more robust and interactive e-commerce site, however making a company website with information? No problem! A blog site? Simple! An internal site for record tracking? We’d be more than happy to help!

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e-Commerce Development

E-Commerce has been booming! We aren’t going to lie to you, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into a website before you see returns however the returns will be very rewarding indeed and being able to have your site take care of retrieving money, tracking orders, tracking inventory, churning out detail reports is what we do for our clients! We will always be looking out for you and giving you updates and insights on how to make your site better and better.

Are you seeing your site traffic being capped and not being able to move on? Seeing lots of traffic however no sales? It maybe time to call our experts to thorough go through you site for some feedback on why people aren’t purchasing!

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OpenCart is now the second most popular e-commerce platform available! Why? It’s fast, light weight and fully featured! The code is lean and clean which makes developing for it much easier and much faster! We’re official partners with OpenCart therefore you can be sure our quality has been confirmed to adhere to the standards set.

SEO Tuning

Marketing yourself is crucial to success, this is why SEO tuning for your site is necessary, whilst other people charge you a fortune, we will break down SEO into different parts for you so that you understand where the money is going and what it’s used for. Optimizing your code for search engines only plays a small part to your ranking, if you’d like to learn more then please feel free to contact us.

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Your Personal Consultant

A lot of people are wary about the costs of making a website, doing online advertising, SEO etc. This is why our personal consultancy service is great for you, we give you our non bias advice on how to make your site better, how to make it more user friendly, more intriguing. That’s our job

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Super Speed Hosting

A world class website is useless if it takes 10 minutes to load, we use super speedy SSD hard drives to host our sites which means your site will be loaded much faster! Since you’re on a VPS server you don’t share any of your resources with anyone else like other cheaper alternatives outside, you will find that sites hosted with us are on average faster than other sites by over 40%!

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